TREBLA SECURITY take on the role of managing Telford’s first dedicated music venue following the expansion of Albert’s Shed beyond Shrewsbury.

Albert’s Shed Southwater aims to bridge the gap between Birmingham and Manchester on the touring circuit. The venue will be open to the public from Thursday 21st November 2019.

Building on the runaway success of the first Albert’s Shed, based in Shrewsbury, whose mission has been to develop a scene which champions original music in Shropshire, Albert’s Shed Venues have upped the ante by designing the first purpose-built music venue in Telford, one of the fastest-growing towns in the UK.

The venue features a custom-built Blue Acoustic PA system (from the original designers of the highly respected Shermann Audio brand) with flying speaker arrangement and delays throughout the building. A 20’ stage and dedicated lighting rig add to the overall experience on and off the stage.

Just like Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury, the Southwater venue will host a diverse range of entertainment where live bands and DJs are accompanied by light shows and performance spectacles which adds to the whole experience; all held within one of the most quirky venues in the West Midlands.

David Gregg, Managing Director of Albert’s Shed Live Music Venues said “Our vision is to become a destination venue where people will come and experience something more than just a gig. That requires a lot of energy and input from a large number of people”. He goes on to say, “And along the way we want to support our local artists; build them up and help them develop networks so that the UK can see what a wealth of talent we have in our county”.

Albert’s Shed Southwater first opens its doors on Wednesday 20th November 2019 for an invitation-only event and will be open to the public from Thursday 21st November 2019.