Trebla Security is built on extensive experience and knowledge within the field of professional security management, including clubs, pubs, festivals, one-off events as well as close protection and corporate engagements.

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The modern face of professional security

We recognise that security personnel are often the first and last point of contact when customers visit your venue or event. Our security staff will make your customers feel comfortable because safety is always their priority.

That’s why Trebla Security’s aims are to present your business in a professional manner, providing a courteous experience for your customers while ensuring any issues are handled efficiently and respectfully.

All of our staff are SIA Licensed, fully trained and insured, with excellent knowledge of compliance procedures.

Our services

Bars & Clubs

From small community pubs right up to large-capacity nightclubs and everything in between, Trebla Security has the experience and knowledge to enable it to offer a professional security solution for your business.


Festivals & Events

With many years of experience of working with festival and event organisers, Trebla Security is able to provide professional security for events of any size and type, from initial planning and risk assessments right through to post-event debrief.